Setup Report

Chad Butler / Switchfoot

Photo Place:The Roxy in LosAngeles  /  2006 Oct. 18

Starclassic Maple

Color : Marigold Sparkle

H/W Color : Chrome

a 18"x22" Bass Drum(SMB2218)
b 6.5"x14" Bell Brass Snare Drum(SLS1465) *
c 9"x12" Tom Tom(SMT1209)
d 14"x16" Floor Tom(SMF1614)
Iron Cobra Power Glide Single Pedal (Chrome Finish)(HP900PC)

*This model is currently unavailable.

Chad Butler


Chad Butler of Switchfoot behind his Tama Starclassic Maple kit in Marigold Sparkle finish.

Chad uses a fairly straight-forward 4-piece kit with 4 cymbals for club dates, but sometimes adds a tom or gong bass drum for larger arena shows.

A view of his kit from behind the throne.

Chad's 6.5"x14" Starclassic Bell Brass snare cuts through with sharp attack and plenty of body.

His limited edition Chrome Cobra Power Glide bass drum pedal.
Chad prefers the weight and feel of Tama's dual-sided beater (DS30).

Chad's 9"x12" rack tom (SMT1209), mounted off a combination tom/cymbal stand (HTC77WN)

His 14"x16" floor tom (SMF1614).

Chad's 18"x22" bass drum (SMB2218).