Setup Report

Matt Byrne / Hatebreed

Photo Place:The House of Blues in Los Angeles  /  2006 Oct. 09

Starclassic Performer EFX

Color : Red Silk

H/W Color : Chrome

a 18"x22" Bass Drum(SRB22EN)
b 18"x22" Bass Drum(SRB22EN)
c 5.5"x14" Hammered Bronze Snare Drum*
d 9"x10" Tom Tom(SRT10D)
e 10"x12" Tom Tom(SRT12D)
f 12"x14" Tom Tom(SRT14D)
g 16"x16" Floor Tom(SRT16D)
Iron Cobra Power Glide Single Pedal(HP900P)
Iron Cobra Velo Glide Hi-Hat Stand(HH805)

* This model is currently unavailable.

Matt Byrne


Matt Byrne of Hatebreed behind his Tama Starclassic Performer EFX kit in Red Silk finish.

Here you see Matt's complete setup from the front.

Here is a view of his kit from behind the throne.

Matt's 5.5"x14" Hammered Bronze Snare has clearly seen some use, but has stood up over constant touring and still sounds great.

Matt's 9"x10" and 10"x12" rack toms.

Here you can see his 10"x12" and 12"x14" rack toms .

This is his 16"x16" floor tom.

Matt's pedals on the left side of his kit -- an Iron Cobra Velo Glide Hi-Hat stand (HH805) and an Iron Cobra Power Glide bass drum pedal (HP900P).
He also uses Tama's Hi-Hat attachment (MHA623), which allows him to fold up the legs of the HH stand and mount if off the kick drum so he can position it closer.

Here is his Iron Cobra Power Glide pedal for the right kick drum.

Matt uses Tama's sliding tom holders (MTH1000) to mount his rack toms off the bass drums.
By using Tama multi-clamps (MC62) and cymbal holders (CA45EN), he mounts additional cymbals off the tom holders and eliminates the need for more stands.