Setup Report

Tony Hajjar / Sparta

Photo Place:At Avalon in Los Angeles  /  2006 Nov. 13

Starclassic Performer B/B

Color : White Pearl with Diamond Inlay *

H/W Color : Black Nickel *

*Special Color

a 18"x24" Bass Drum (PLB24EZ)
b 6"x14" Snare Drum
c 9"x13" Tom Tom **
d 14"x16" Floor Tom (PLF16A)
e 16"x18" Floor Tom (PLF18D)

** Sepcial Size.

Tony Hajjar


Tony Hajjar of Sparta seated behind his Starclassic Performer B/B in White Pearl with Diamond Inlay finish.

Tony uses a fairly straight-forward setup, with one rack tom and two floors.

Here is a view of his kit from behind the throne.

Tony's 9"x13" rack tom, mounted off a Roadpro combination stand (HTC77WN).

His 14"x16" and 16"x18" floor toms.

Tony's 18"x24" bass drum, which produces a massive low-end punch.

While he has a matching 8"x14" Birch/Bubinga snare, Tony often uses this 6"x14" Starclassic Mirage acrylic snare drum in Crystal Ice.