Setup Report

Dirk Verbeuren / Soilwork

Photo Place:House of Blues in Hollywood  /  2006 Oct. 20

Starclassic Performer

Color : Red Sparkle Fade

H/W Color : Chrome

a 18"x22" Bass Drum (SPB22E)
b 4"x14" Artwood Maple Snare Drum(AM240)
c 9"x12" Tom Tom (SPT12A)
d 10"x13" Tom Tom (SPT13A)
e 16"x16" Floor tom (SPF16D)
f 16"x18" Floor tom (SPF18D)
Iron Cobra Power Glide Twin Pedal (HP900PTW)
Iron Cobra Lever Glide Hi-Hat Stand (HH905)
1st Chair Drum Throne Ergo-Rider w/Backrest (HT741)

Dirk Verbeuren


Dirk Verbeuren of Soilwork playing a Starclassic Performer kit in Red Sparkle Fade finish.

A view of his kit from behind his Tama 1st Chair throne (HT741).

4"x14" Tama Artwood maple snare drum. Dirk uses a trigger on the snare as an additional microphone to capture the attack and vibration from rimshots.

9"x12" (SPT12A) and 10"x13" (SPT13A) rack toms mounted directly off the kick drum with a double tom holder (MTH909), which allows for forward/back positioning.

16"x16" floor tom (SPF16D).

Dirk uses a 16"x18" floor tom (SPF18D) to the left of his hi-hat, as seen here.

18"x22" bass drum (SPB22E) .

Dirk relies heavily on an Iron Cobra Power Glide twin pedal (HP900PTW) with rubber Cobra Beaters (CB90R) for rapid double-bass onslaughts and fills.

The left (slave) side of his double pedal and his Iron Cobra Lever Glide hi-hat stand (HH905).