Setup Report

Abe Cunningham / Deftones

Photo Place:At Avalon in Los Angeles  /  2006 Nov. 09

Starclassic Bubinga

Color : Egyptian Night Mist

H/W Color : Brushed Nickel

a 18"x24" Bass Drum (BB2418)
b 6.5"x14" Bell Brass Snare (SLS1465H)
c 7"x8" Tom Tom (BT0807H)
d 9"x12" Tom Tom (BT1209H)
e 16"x16" Floor Tom (BF1616H)
f 16"x18" Floor Tom (BF1816H)
g 8"x14" Snare Drum (BS148BN)
Iron Cobra Power Glide Twin Pedal (HP900PTW)
Iron Cobra Lever Glide Hi-Hat Stand (HH905)

Abe Cunningham


Abe Cunningham's new Starclassic Bubinga kit in Egyptian Night Mist finish.

An overhead view of his 8-piece setup.

Abe's trusty 6.5"x14" Tama Bell Brass, which he uses as his primary snare.

His 7"x8" and 9"x12" rack toms, mounted off a Tama double tom stand.

Abe mounts an Octoban above his rack toms using a Tama Roadpro combination stand.

His 16"x16" and 16"x18" floor toms.

8"x14" Starclassic Bubinga snare in Ultraviolet Sparkle, which he sets up to the left of his hi-hat.

Abe's 18"x24" kick drum, quite a bit larger than the 20" he has used in the past .

He uses an Iron Cobra Power Glide twin pedal for creative, powerful double-bass licks .

The slave side of his double-pedal and his Iron Cobra Lever Glide hi-hat stand .

Here you can see how Abe has mounted a snare-side microphone using a Tama multi-clamp (MC61).