TAMA Drums

Joey Castillo

Zakk Sabbath / The Bronx

Starclassic Bubinga

  • SHELL COLOR:Piano Black (PBK)
  • H/W COLOR:Chrome

Drums :

a16x26" Bass Drum
b16x24" Bass Drum
c9x13" Rack Tom
d10x14" Rack Tom
e16x16" Floor Tom
f16x18" Floor Tom
g7x14" John Tempesta Signature Snare

Hardware :

1Speed Cobra Single Pedal & H-Hat Stand (HP910LN & HH915D)
2Classic Series Cymbal Stands and Single Tom Stand (HC52F & HTS58F)
3STAR Snare Stand (HS100W)
41st Chair Round Rider XL Cloth Top (HT850BC)
5TAMA Stand Weights (TSW10)

Joey Castillo