Feb. 11 2008
Eron Bucciarelli

Eron Bucciarelli

Hawthorne Heights

TAMA :When did you join Hawthorne Heights?

Eron : I joined before we were called Hawthorne Heights. A Day in a Life was our name, and I joined in 2002. We recorded an EP and had everyone in the band, minus Matt (bass). He was the last to join Hawthorne Heights before we changed the name.

TAMA : How was your Nintendo Fusion Tour experience?

Eron : It was a fun tour. It was the biggest tour to that point as far as production and venue sizes goes for us.

TAMA : Who did you tour with?

Eron : Reliant K, Plain White Ts, The Sleeping, Emery.

TAMA : What are some challenges for you playing live?

Eron : Staying in shape. I didn't realize how physically demanding being in a band was until we started getting out there into clubs, under hot stage lights. It's humid because it's packed... it's such a work out to perform in those conditions. In the beginning, I didn't pay attention to my physical well being, but over the last year I started running, conditioning. Our sets are getting longer now that we headline - we play an hour plus set.

TAMA : Let’s talk about your background – when did you start playing?

Eron : When I was 13, halfway through freshman year. I started with piano when I was young but hated it. Now I'm kicking myself, I wish I knew how to play. I picked up sticks in my early teens and my parents got me a set for Christmas that year, and I have been playing and in love with drums ever since!

TAMA : Did you take lessons?

Eron : Yes, all through high school, a little through college. Not as much as I should have though. I was in our high school & college jazz bands.

TAMA : What did you go to college for?

Eron : Communications / Marketing.

TAMA : What got you interested in Tama?

Eron : The sound - and classic look. I'm a big vintage drum fanatic and out of everyone these days, Tama is holding the most true to the vintage aesthetics and I'm crazy about the Bubinga. On our last record I used a Bubinga snare and I loved the tone - that's what I've used ever since. When I found out that TAMA made entire Bubinga kits I went crazy and had to get one.

TAMA : What's your setup?

Eron : I play large drums. I'm influenced by Dave Grohl & John Bonham. I've got a 9x13 rack tom, 16x16 and 16x18 floor toms to the right, and my kick is 16x24. My snare is 8x14… it's deep but I crank it tight so I get a good crack with good body. Sometimes I have a cowbell on my kick, too.

TAMA : Do you have any advice for other drummers?

Eron : Definitely take formal lessons. I wish I would have taken my lessons more seriously and I wish I'd learned my fundamentals and rudiments at an earlier age. I've gone back recently to pick those up and figure out on my own how to apply it. I think it would have made me a better drummer than I am now. Also, play along to your favorite drummers - put on your iPod and play away. That's how I learned most of what I know now… playing to Zeppelin and Nirvana.