Mar. 26 2008
Shauney "Baby" Recke

Shauney "Baby" Recke

TAMA :What have your most recent projects been?

Shauney "Baby" : My most recent projects have been Will.I.Am (Black Eyed Peas), and Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls), and Wounded Couger

TAMA : Is it different playing with a male band VS female band?

Shauney "Baby" : Well we're all passionate about the music but because we are different maybe our approach would be.

TAMA : Have you ever found it more challenging to get certain gigs because you're a girl?

Shauney "Baby" : I would just say that when people are looking for drummers they are sometimes specific about what they want and I don't necessarily take that personally.

TAMA : Do you notice differences between how you play and other (male) drummers?

Shauney "Baby" : The difference in our playing is what defines us as a drummer but not whether or not we are a woman or man.

TAMA : Have you been playing along with loops or samples? What are the challenges?

Shauney "Baby" : Yes, and it varies depending on what's expected of you or required of you.

TAMA : What is a typical self practice routine you use to continue your versatility?

Shauney "Baby" : The basics, rudiments.

TAMA : Do you have any specific things you always do before you play

Shauney "Baby" : I like to do warm-up excercises

TAMA : What are your future plans/projects?

Shauney "Baby" : Currently exploring different opportunities.

TAMA : What made you choose Tama drums?

Shauney "Baby" : I was inspired by local drummers where I'm from who played "Tama", I loved the sound and the quality of how they are made.

TAMA : Any advice for other drummers?

Shauney "Baby" : Passion is everything no matter what anyone says, you are always a student to your instrument, and such is life.