TAMA Drums

Silverstar Mirage Acrylic Drum 2015 Spot Model

Fast-forward decades, TAMA has taken advantage of time and technology to bring you back to the sharp, full-bodied sound of classic acrylic shell drums—minus any of the drawbacks. Bolstered by a full complement of Silverstar features that include low-mass single lugs, stabilizing claw hooks, and the sustain-enhancing Star-Mount System—the Mirage rig is so impressive, yet so practically priced, you may find yourself questioning your own senses.


Finish: Crystal Ice (CI) only

  • Seamless Acrylic Shell
  • Star-Mount
  • Low-Mass Lug
  • Single Tom Attachment


Basic Kit

Description Q'ty
16”x22” Bass Drum w/o Tom Holder Base 1
7”x10” Tom Tom 1
8”x12” Tom Tom 1
12”x14” Floor Tom 1
14”x16” Floor Tom 1
6”x14” Snare Drum 1
MC69 Single Tom Attachment 2


TT/FT/SD: 5mm Seamless Acrylic Shell
BD: 7mm Seamless Acrylic Shell

Precautions for Use of Acrylic Products
Use only a very soft damp cloth when cleaning acrylic surfaces. Never use chemical cleaners containing spirit solvent, such as alcohol, acetone, gasoline, benzene. These can cause surface cracks.
Avoid direct sunlight and places with high heat and humidity. The drum shells can deform and degrade.