TAMA Drums


POWERPAD® Series Drum Bags are heavy-duty bags built for transporting your kit safely and securely. These bags are made with a special semi-hard cushion consisting of four separate layers, each made from unique materials, to protect your valued equipment from damage. The inner surface features a soft flannel material that prevents scratching, while the outer surface utilizes high density nylon with a water-repellant finish. The bass drum bags features handles on the top and bottom, as well as the side of the bag, for more convenient carrying.

Drum Bags
Model No. Specifications
PBT8 7"x8" Tom Tom
PBT10 8"x10" Tom Tom
PBT12 9"x12" Tom Tom
PBT13 10"x13" Tom Tom
PBT14 11"x14" Tom Tom
PBF14 14"x14" Floor Tom
PBF16 16"x16" Floor Tom
PBB18 16"x18" Bass Drum and Floor Tom
PBB20 18"x20" Bass Drum
PBB22 18"x22" Bass Drum
PBB22X 20"x22" Bass Drum
PBB24 18"x24" Bass Drum
PBS1455 5.5"x14" Snare Drum
PBS1465 6.5"x14" Snare Drum
PBS1480 8"x14" Snare Drum


  • Durable four layered structure to protect the drum in transportation.

    The fabric of the POWERPAD series drum bag has a 4 layer structure excellent in cushioning properties. We adopt materials suitable for each layer, nylon fabric on outer cloth, two types of resinoid material with excellent cushioning properties on the inside two layers. And on the innermost side, we use a soft fur material to protect the drum shell from scratches.

  • Easy-to-understand size tags.

    Each bag is equipped with a tag showing the size that can be stored. It is very convenient when using various size bags. Also, the large size zipper slider allows you to open/close quickly and reliably.

  • A soft fur material to protect scratching.

    The softest fur material is adopted on the innermost side where the shell contacts. It's very useful to protect drum shell from scratch.