TAMA Drums

TAMA Logo Stickers

TAMA logo stickers are available in four size options in both black and white. In addition to the standard TLS100BK and TLS100WH stickers, we offer the slightly larger TLS120 and smaller TLS80 and TLS70, giving you a variety of options for your bass drum head as well as drum cases, laptop, car bumper, etc.


TLS120BK (Black, 60mm x 280mm)
TLS100BK (Black, 50mm x 230mm)
TLS80BK (Black, 40mm x 190mm)
TLS70BK (Black, 35mm x 150mm)


TLS120WH (White, 60mm x 280mm)
TLS100WH (White, 50mm x 230mm)
TLS80WH (White, 40mm x 190mm)
TLS70WH (White, 35mm x 150mm)