TAMA Drums

Hi-Hat Stand Accessories

Hi-Hat Attachment MHA623


Connects the hi-hat to the hoop of a douple bass drum so the legs can be closed. Improved design featuring the Para-Clamp mechanism from Iron Cobra pedals makes this attachment even easier and more secure.

Closed Hi-Hat Attachment MXA73N/MXA53 (US. PAT.NO.6177621)

MXA73N/MXA53 (US. PAT.NO.6177621)

Simple design closed hihat allows two different stages by turning a lever. Can be attached to stands with 19.1 to 28.6mm diameter. A real plus for double bass or double pedal players.

Hat Stack CSH5


The "Hat Stack" is the simplest and most compact cymbal stacker in TAMA history. It allows you to attach a small diameter cymbal to your hi-hat rod with just a drum key. Also, its tiny size - 25 mm (1") diameter x 40 mm (1.5") height - doesn't interfere with your setup and is super easy to carry. The Hat Stack is a great new item that can expand your sound without having to purchase additional clamps.

- Easily attach a small cymbal to hi-hat rod measuring up to 7mm in diameter
- Compact size and lightweight for easy transport and storage - 25mm (1") diameter x 40mm (1.5") height
- Ability to adjust cymbal sustain

* Make sure to position the black plastic nut on the top. If you put it on the bottom, the cymbal could fall.

Hi-Hat Clutches

QHC7 Quick-Set Hi-Hat Clutch (US.PAT.NO.9812101)

With just one touch, the Quick-Set Clutch can be attached or removed - simply push the button on the side of the clutch. The clutch also allows the top hi-hat cymbal to float more freely, maximizing the natural resonance of the cymbals.

SLC08 Swing Lock Clutch (for Iron Cobra 600) (US.PAT.NO.8604325)

This allows the top hi-hat cymbal to float more freely, maximizing the natural resonance of the cymbals.


Having your hi-hat clutch come loose is now a thing of the past with TAMA's Seculity Clutch. When the T-bolt is tightened, bottom lock nut and top section press on the rod for complete security.

Twin Pedal Attachment


Specially designed attachment to connect Iron Cobra pedals with Iron Cobra Hi-hat stands.

Hi-hat Bottom

  • SS15 Spring Seat (for Iron Cobra 900&600, Speed Cobra) (US.PAT.NO.8604325)

By tilting the bottom hi-hat cymbal, you can get a crisper and clearer hi-hat sound with your foot.

  • SB15S (for HH205, HH35W, HH35S)

The scooped Safety Seat adds more stability to the bottom cymbal and can be adjusted for changes in hi-hat tone. Since the felt is fixed to the seat, it can't be lost during transport.

Hi-Hat Tension Rods


Tension Rod w/ Plastic Nut (M6)

HH905-3 (Long, 500mm)
HH905D3S (Short, 350mm)

Remote Hi-Hat Stand Cable


Exchangeable Cable for HH905RH

HH905RH2L (Long)
HH905RH2S (Short)

Felt Washer

CL08-13P(set of 2)