TAMA Drums

Original Series

The Original series utilizes TAMA’s unique size system. The grip diameter, tip shape, and material can be easily determined using the product number.

Japanese Oak

American Hickory

Tip Style Model No. Diameter Length
Japanese Oak American Hickory
O213-B H213-B 13mm 406mm
O214-B H214-B 14mm
O215-B H215-B 15mm
O216-B - 16mm
O213-P H213-P 13mm
O214-P H214-P 14mm
O215-P H215-P 15mm
O214-S - 14mm
O215-S - 15mm

Tip Styles

B : Ball

This is the most popular tip shape due to its ability to produce consistent notes. A great stick for beginners as well as pros.

P : Popular

The teardrop shape allows you to change and control the sound according to how you hit the heads and cymbals.

S : Small

Smaller tips offer subtlety, volume control, clarity and precision.