TAMA Drums

Traditional Series

The Traditional series utilizes the traditional size system including stick sizes such as 7A and 5B. Even players buying TAMA sticks for the first time can easily find the sticks that are right for them.

Japanese Oak

American Hickory

Tip Style Model No. Diameter Length
Japanese Oak American Hickory
7A 7A H7A 13mm 390mm
7AN 7AN -
5A 5A H5A 14mm 406mm
5AN 5AN -
8A 8A H8A
5B 5B H5B 15mm
5BN 5BN -

Tip Styles


The 7A’s small tip size is superb for subtle and legato cymbal work, and performs excellently in the jazz environment.


Oval (teardrop) shaped tip. Balanced towards the tip-end for quick sound and response. Great size, weight and balance are perfect for all-round use.


The small tip allows subtle nuances. The sharpened square-shaped tip point also enables enhanced clarity.


Provides rich, full volume sound. When played at different angles, the sharpened tip can provide subtle nuances.