Progressive Nation At Sea Giveaway

Take a shot at winning the chance to be
Mike Portnoy’s guest drum-tech along with
gear from TAMA and SABIAN on Progressive Nation at Sea 2014.

Cruise the Caribbean with your favorite stars from February 18-22, 2014. Win a chance to meet Mike Portnoy, attend one of his performances sitting stage-side, and attend soundcheck (time permitted). Plus, you’ll get to see 23 bands over four days, and enjoy the best of progressive rock.

Pasic 2013 Report Back

The PASIC 2013 show has come to a close, and if the reports from team TAMA were any indication, it was a tremendous success.

Engraved Cobra Skin Iron Cobra

The Cobra name has long been synonymous with speed, power and strength. After twenty years of serving the fastest and most feared feet in drumming, the legendary Iron Cobra is getting a limited edition update that brings out the beast’s true nature.

6pc Limited Edition Silverstar Tamo Ash Kit With Free 8" Tom

If you were tempted by the new Limited Edition Tamo Ash finishes on our Silverstar 6pc kits, we're gonna push you off your fence… and we're gonna use an 8" tom to do it! Buy yourself the all-Birch critics' favorite in the bang-for-the-buck kit category and we'll throw in a free 8" tom and holder, while supplies last!

Tama Limited Edition Thrones

Put some flash beneath your – well, you get it. TAMA’s new Limited Edition Thrones offer an eye-catching alternative to stock seats. Available in three bold color combinations, these sturdy, reliable stools may grab your attention with fierce looks, but don’t worry, they more than live up to our legendary standards.

Featuring a 13” padded round seat with double-braced legs and an adjustable height range of seven inches, the HT130 series thrones are comfortable and durable enough to handle heavy gigging, but won’t take up too much room in the van. Three special-run color options allow you to bring home a rare collector’s item and add another personal touch to your kit.

Choose from Red with a Black Base, Black with a Black Base and White with a Chrome Base.

Imperialstar Limited Edition Hyper-Drive Kit

With Satin Chrome Shell Hardware
It's a crime to call these drums "entry level". With high-end features, stunning finishes and unique configurations, TAMA's Imperialstar series has more than earned its reputation as the world's most popular line of drums

2013 NAMM Show Report

The 2013 Winter NAMM show kicked off on January 24th. at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California! Check out the new products that Tama had to offer at the show.

STAR Drums

The new flagship line for Tama drums
After years of research and development, we are excited to unveil TAMA’s brand new super high-end series, "STAR" drums. Hand crafted in Japan by skilled artisans, STAR drums will remind drummers of their most innate passion for playing drums.

Iron Cobra 20th Anniversary

Rock Solid Strength and Personality
It was just 20 years ago, in 1992, when TAMA set out on the "IRON COBRA" project to create the ultimate drum pedal. The goal was to create something that would work in all environments, for all players, regardless of their music genre or playing style.

Silverstar On The Road

with Dale Crover and The Melvins

Dale Crover and The Melvins will attempt to tour all 50 states (plus Washington D.C.) in 51 days. You read that right… 50 states, 51 days! And sharing Dale's whirlwind will be a trusty set of Tama Silverstars. You may have already caught some the previous testimonials wherein other artists have discussed the pro-level sound and durability of Silverstar, but this one has to be the Mother Of All Road Tests.

New Limited Edition Starphonic Snares

New snares for 2012 and 2011
Like many creative acts, drum design sometimes starts with a question. As we thought about our new snare line, the Tama designers asked: Could we build drums that featured the forward-thinking innovative hardware features that Tama is known for into an instrument that brought to mind the sound and feel of the vintage snares of yesteryear that we admired? Three years and dozens of experiments later Starphonic was born. Smart features like the Grooved Hoop the Bearing Edge Construction that contribute to delivering the sonic goods. Busy pros also fall in with love Starphonic’s intelligent utilitarian advances, like the Freedom Lug and the detachable butt plate that make for blazing fast drum head swap-outs. Not to mention that each these snares looks as good as it sounds…

TAMA's On Time With A New Snare Line

Introducing TAMA SLP - Sound Lab Project
The snare drum is the keystone of any drummer's sound. At some point in the musical journey, the player will embark on a search for the perfect drum to enhance their sound. With that player in mind, we created the S.L.P. series.

2013 TAMA Catalogs Are Here!

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