TAMA Drums

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  • Adjustable Claw

    You can mount this Hoop Grip on various shaped hoops by adjusting the position of the claw on the upper side – simply loosen the hexagon socket head bolt and slide the claw to adjust.

  • Dual Position Rod Holder

    You can choose from two positions for the cymbal/accessory mounting rod, depending on your setup preference. This allows for greater flexibility and options.

  • Usage Example1

    MC8 + Z-Rod (ZCYEL) + Splash Cymbal

  • Usage Example2

    MC8 + Z-Rod (ZCB) + Cowbell

  • Usage Example3

    MC8 + Z-Rod (ZCYE) + Splash Cymbal

  • Usage Example4

    MC8 + Accessory Mount Arm (HCA20) + Splash Cymbal

  • Usage Example5

    MC8 + Accessory Mount Arm (HCA20) + Soft Sound Beater (BSQ10S)