TAMA Drums

S.L.P. Drum Kit Studio Maple

The Studio Maple kit is very original model in both sound and appearance, with Sound Focus Rings on the inside of the shells and 100% Maple Wood Hoops. It has a focused, warm, woody tone with clear attack, and a relatively short sustain with beautiful decay. While great for live performance, this model really excels in the studio, especially when seeking a warm sound with controlled resonance.


For more Features

  • All Maple Shell w/Sound Focus Ring

    (TT/FT) 6ply, 5mm / (BD) 8ply, 6mm

  • Maple Wood Hoop

    The 22 mm thick hoops provides warm sound and powerful attack especially rim shot.

  • Direct Flexi-Mount

    This Direct-Flexi Mount utilizes a two-piece structure – a plate that is mounted to the shell, and another piece that receives the L-rod of a tom holder/stand. These two parts are hinged together using a steel shaft, allowing some slight horizontal play when striking the drum. This controls the vibration of the shell while still allowing it to resonate more freely than traditional direct-to-shell mounts. This in turn provides sustain and smooth decay for a smooth, transparent sound that draws out the intrinsic characteristics of the shell material.

  • Evans® G1 Coated Head

    Evans® heads are featured on Studio Maple drum kit (except bass drum front heads).