TAMA Drums


Flat Base Leg Design

This flat base design allows you to position the tripod base much lower than on standard cymbal stands. This means you can place this stand much closer to the bass drum or between other tripod stands in your setup.

Compact Folding Design

This stand's construction means you fold the tripod base in the reverse direction. It is 580mm (about 23") total length when folded, making it very compact for easy transport. Our updated design of the small rubber footing keeps the stand ultra-portable while still providing rock solid support.

Solid Upper Portion

The upper tube utilizes a solid 9mm rod, rather than the typical hollow pipe. This results in high stability while remaining extremely lightweight. Our addition of a rubber ring eliminates the potential for any stand rattle/noise.

Fine Gear Tilter

The Fine Gear Tilter allows for cymbal angle adjustment in 10 degree increments, as well as a very secure hold. The bottom disk floats to allow maximum cymbal movement and sonority.