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Superstar Hyper-Drive Limited Edition

featuring Figured Maple Outer Ply

Superstar Hyper-Drive Limited Edition

This Superstar Hyper-Drive kit is a limited-edition model that features a beautiful Figured Maple outer ply. The vibrant contrast between faded finishes and black nickel hardware complement its beautiful wood grain. In addition, the Superstar Hyper-Drive offers superior specifications, such as an all-maple shell, die-cast hoop, and Star-Cast mounting system, which deliver a punchy, clear attack. The Superstar Hyper-Drive limited kit is sure to impress, in terms of both looks and sound.

Model No.: ML52HLZBSG

Kit Configuration:
18"x22" Bass Drum w/o Tom Holder Base
6.5"x10" Tom Tom
7"x12" Tom Tom
12"x14" Floor Tom
14"x16" Floor Tom
MC69 Single Tom Attachments (x2)
*To order the kit with 6"x14" Soundworks Kapur snare, use ML62HZBSG.

Available Finishes:
Figured Ruby Fade (FBF)
Figured Ocean Fade (FOF)