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S.L.P. Sound Lab Project Snare Drum

8" deep G-Walnut

S.L.P. Sound Lab Project Snare Drum

LGW148 snare drum is constructed with an exceptionally thick 10-ply, 9mm thick 100% walnut shell. The use of walnut - known for its dark fundamental timbre - for this snare's thick shell, results in a deep, complex tone with exceptional attack and cut. 8" depth shell adds the power to the sound.

Model No.: LGW148
Size: 8"x14"
Shell: 9mm, 10ply Walnut
Lug: MTL80
Hoop: Sound Arc Hoop (10 hole)
Head: EVANS G1 Coated & Snare Side
Strainer/Butt: "Linear-Drive" Strainer & Butt (MLS50A / MLS50B)
Snare Wire: 30 strands Regular Snare Wire (MS30R14S)
Finish: Gloss Black Walnut (GBW)