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S.L.P. Drum Kits Limited "G-Bubinga"

S.L.P. Drum Kits Limited "G-Bubinga"

The G-Bubinga kit is based on the S.L.P. snares' best selling model of the same name. While each drum contains 12 plies, the thickness of the center material is slightly adjusted based on the harmonic overtone characteristics of each size. While the thick Bubinga shell is particularly well suited for the super deep bass drum sound, we were able to achieve excellent tonal balance across the whole drum set. In addition, the gorgeous wood grain of the Quilted Bubinga outer ply, combined with Black Nickel shell hardware, make for a stunning appearance that is sure to catch attention.

Model No.: LGB42BSQGNQ
18"x22" Bass Drum
8"x10" Tom Tom
9"x12" Tom Tom
16"x16" Floor Tom
MTH1000BN Double Tom Holder

*6"x8" tom tom and 14"x14" floor tom are sold separately.
LGBT8ADBQGNQ 6"x8" Tom Tom
LGBF14DBQGNQ 14"x14" Floor Tom

-Shell: 11ply Bubinga + 1 outer ply Quilted Bubinga
(TT/FT) 8mm / (BD) 9mm
- Direct Flexi-Mount
- Steel Mighty Hoop
- Evans G2 Clear Head
- Starclassic Lug

- Incredibly powerful solid sound with extra low-end
- Stunning look from Quilted Bubinga outer ply and Black Nickel hardware
- Suggested musical styles: R&B, Hard Rock & Heavy Metal

Available Finish: Gloss Natural Quilted Bubinga (GNQ)