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Quick-Set Cymbal Mates –Red, Blue, White Finishes

Quick-Set Cymbal Mates –Red, Blue, White Finishes

By simply gripping and pressing the two buttons on the side of the unit, users can attach and remove the Cymbal Mate with just one touch. This makes setting up cymbal a snap. Of course, as is the case with an ordinary Cymbal Mate, it's easy to make fine adjustments to cymbal swing by rotating the unit.
We are pleased to offer three colors of the Quick-Set Cymbal Mate - Red, Blue and White. This variation will make it possible to choose the color suitable for the finish of drum kit, clothes, or accessories.

Model No.:
QC8BB4 Quick-Set Cymbal Mate / Blue (4 pcs/set)
QC8RB4 Quick-Set Cymbal Mate / Red (4 pcs/set)
QC8WB4 Quick-Set Cymbal Mate / White (4 pcs/set)