TAMA Drums

Walnut has long been favored by furniture makers for both its beauty and durability. As a drum shell material, Walnut's naturally EQ'ed tone has been praised by the drum community for both the stage and the studio. The new STAR Walnut shells project booming low end with enough cut to be heard through any mix.


  • TWS1455
    Color:Satin Black Walnut for Walnut Shell Only(WSBN)
  • TWS1465
    Color:Indigo Japanese Sen Burst(AIJB)
  • TWS148
    Color:Mint Green Mist for Walnut Shell Only(MGN)
Model No.SizeShell MaterialHoopsLugsStrainer/ButtSnare WireInlay Option
TWS1366"x13"WalnutDie-Cast(8 Hole)MSL90SMLS50A/MLS50BMS20RL13Sw/o Inlay
TWS14555.5"x14"WalnutDie-Cast(8 Hole)MSL90SMLS50A/MLS50BMS20RL14Sw/o Inlay
TWS14656.5"x14"WalnutDie-Cast(8 Hole)MSL90SMLS50A/MLS50BMS20RL14Sw/o Inlay
TWS1488"x14"WalnutDie-Cast(8 Hole)MSL90SMLS50A/MLS50BMS20RL14Sw/o Inlay


Lacquer Finishes

  • ASBJ
    Satin Black Japanese Sen Burst
  • AIJB
    Indigo Japanese Sen Burst
  • ASCS
    Satin Charcoal Japanese Sen
  • WSBN
    Satin Black Walnut for Walnut Shell Only
  • RBW
    Red Burgundy Walnut for Walnut Shell Only
  • DMW
    Dark Mocha Walnut for Walnut Shell Only
  • MGN
    Mint Green Mist for Walnut Shell Only
  • SBU
    Smoky Blue Mist for Walnut Shell Only
  • SNM
    Smoky Natural Mist for Walnut Shell Only
  • ATW
    Antique White
  • SKB
    Smoky Black
  • AMO
    Atomic Orange
  • CRP
    Coral Pink
  • GAQ
    Grand Aqua Blue
  • SYL
    Sunny Yellow Lacquer
  • VSB
    Vintage Sea Blue

For more Features

  • Snappy Bed

    The shape of the snare beds is an important factor in any snare drum's sound. In particular, the sustain and sensitivity of the snare wires are heavily affected by the shape of the snare beds.

    STAR snare drums employ a different snare bed than TAMA's traditional shape. The goal was to create snare drums that have the same rich resonance as the rest of the STAR drums, but that are also very crisp and articulate. To achieve this, STAR snare drums have a flat bottom that provides even and consistent contact with each snare coil.

  • Newly Designed One-Piece Lug

    STAR snare drum lugs were designed with a clean look and bridge construction for minimum shell contact. They are just one piece to reduce the overall weight of the drum. In addition, both 13" and 14" diameter snare drums have just 8 lugs, instead of 10. This reduces the weight of the snare drum even further and offers in a more open, resonant tone.

  • "Linear-Drive" Strainer (US. PAT.NO.8017846) (MLS50A)

    The "Linear-Drive" strainer is designed for greater control of the lever adjustment arm and more precise control of the strainer's deployment motion. The strainer movement works in a true linear motion. Even if the strainer is engaged rapidly, you will not hear the typical "slap" of the snare wires hitting the bottom drumhead.

    To prevent the snare wires from loosening, this strainer also has a ratchet system on its tension adjustment mechanism. Single click adjustments offer a vertical pull of 0.083mm in wire motion, which allows for ultra-sensitive micro adjustments.

  • Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare

    The Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon snappy snare features a specialized plate and winding pattern for the wire coils, and is made of hi-carbon steel. This results in a very crisp, sensitive snare sound on all STAR snare drums.

  • Air Hole

    STAR snare drums have 3 air holes around the shell, instead of just 1 like on the tom toms, floor toms, and bass drums. These extra air holes lend a brighter, dryer sound to the snare drums and results in even projection in all directions.