TAMA Drums

The Starclassic Maple snare drums combine incredible power with maple's intense and warm tone. Zinc die-cast hoops provide superior high-end "crack" and response.


  • MAS1455
    Color:Antique Maple(ATM)
  • MES1465B
    Color:Figured Caribbean Blue Fade(GFCB)

Laquer Finishes

Model No.SizeHardware finishHoopsLugsStrainer/ButtSnare Wire
MAS1366"x13"ChromeDie-Cast(8 Hole)MSL-SCTMLS50A/MLS50BMS20RL13C
MAS136BN6"x13"Black NickelDie-Cast(8 Hole)MSL-SCTBNMLS50ABN/MLS50BBNMS20RL13C
MAS136U6"x13"Smoked Black NickelDie-Cast(8 Hole)MSL-SCTUMLS50AU/MLS50BUMS20RL13C
MAS14555.5"x14"ChromeDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTMLS50A/MLS50BMS20RL14C
MAS1455BN5.5"x14"Black NickelDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTBNMLS50ABN/MLS50BBNMS20RL14C
MAS1455U5.5"x14"Smoked Black NickelDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTUMLS50AU/MLS50BUMS20RL14C
MAS14656.5"x14"ChromeDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTMLS50A/MLS50BMS20RL14C
MAS1465BN6.5"x14"Black NickelDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTBNMLS50ABN/MLS50BBNMS20RL14C
MAS1465U6.5"x14"Smoked Black NickelDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTUMLS50AU/MLS50BUMS20RL14C
MAS1488"x14"ChromeDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTMLS50A/MLS50BMS20RL14C
MAS148BN8"x14"Black NickelDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTBNMLS50ABN/MLS50BBNMS20RL14C
MAS148U8"x14"Smoked Black NickelDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTUMLS50AU/MLS50BUMS20RL14C

Exotic Finishes

SizeModel No.Hardware finishHoopsLugsStrainer/ButtSnare Wire
MES1366"x13"ChromeDie-Cast(8 Hole)MSL-SCTMLS50A/MLS50BMS20RL13C
MES136B6"x13"Black NickelDie-Cast(8 Hole)MSL-SCTBNMLS50ABN/MLS50BBNMS20RL13C
MES136U6"x13"Smoked Black NickelDie-Cast(8 Hole)MSL-SCTUMLS50AU/MLS50BUMS20RL13C
MES14555.5"x14"ChromeDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTMLS50A/MLS50BMS20RL14C
MES1455B5.5"x14"Black NickelDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTBNMLS50ABN/MLS50BBNMS20RL14C
MES1455U5.5"x14"Smoked Black NickelDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTUMLS50AU/MLS50BUMS20RL14C
MES14656.5"x14"ChromeDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTMLS50A/MLS50BMS20RL14C
MES1465B6.5"x14"Black NickelDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTBNMLS50ABN/MLS50BBNMS20RL14C
MES1465U6.5"x14"Smoked Black NickelDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTUMLS50AU/MLS50BUMS20RL14C
MES1488"x14"ChromeDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTMLS50A/MLS50BMS20RL14C
MES148B8"x14"Black NickelDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTBNMLS50ABN/MLS50BBNMS20RL14C
MES148U8"x14"Smoked Black NickelDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTUMLS50AU/MLS50BUMS20RL14C


Lacquer Finishes

  • CHS
    Champagne Sparkle
  • DPP
    Deeper Purple
  • GCS
    Galaxy Chameleon Sparkle
  • BCS
    Black Clouds & Silver Linings
  • LJB
    Light Jade Burst
  • SAM
    Satin Aztec Gold Metallic
  • DMB
    Dark Mocha Burst
  • FBK
    Flat Black
  • FBM
    Flat Burgandy Metallic
  • FDG
    Flat Deep Green Metallic
  • MBB
    Molten Satin Brown Burst
  • ATM
    Antique Maple
  • VAM
    Vintage Antique Maple
  • SSR
    Silver Snow Racing Stripe
  • PWH
    Piano White
  • PBK
    Piano Black

Exotic Finishes (Lacquer)

  • RWB
    Ruby Pacific Walnut Burst
  • LEWB
    Emerald Pacific Walnut Burst
  • LNWB
    Natural Pacific Walnut Burst
  • GFCB
    Figured Caribbean Blue Fade
  • GFMG
    Figured Maple Gloss

For more Features

  • Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare

    In order to provide a crisper and more sensitive sound, we redesigned our snappy snare using new materials and customizing the shape of the plate and the wire coil's winding pattern. As a result of these modifications, the new Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare fits closer to the snare side head, providing greater sensitivity and a brighter, crisper sound.

  • "Linear-Drive" Strainer (US. PAT.NO.8017846)

    Starclassic's new strainer uses a "Linear-Drive" system, which we designed to provide greater control of the lever adjustment arm and more precise control of the strainer's deployment motion. Even if you move the arm rapidly, you will not hear the typical "slap" of the wires hitting the bottom head. The strainer movement is designed to work in a true linear motion, similar to the motion found on round-sprocket drum pedals. Most strainers are designed differently and tend to speed up right before the snare wires connect with the snare side head. Also, by tilting the angle of the butt plate 30 degrees, this design holds the snare wire cords or tape more firmly and reduces unnecessary pressure on the strainer and shell.

  • MLS50B Detachable Butt Plate

    The MLS50B not only allows subtle snappy snare adjustments, you can change your snare side head without removing the snare wires. Just loosen two screws and the snare wires easily detach from the butt. Reattachment—with your original set-up intact—is just as simple.

  • Shell Hardware Choice

    When selecting professional drums, you want an appearance as distinctive as the sound. Starclassic Bubinga / Maple now offers the choice of shell hardware finished in Chrome, the Black Nickel, Smoked Black Nickel Plated.
    To order Starclassic Bubinga / Maple drums with Black Nickel Plated hardware simply add the letters "B" for exotic finishes (BE/ME) or "BN" for standard lacquer finishes (BG/MA).
    To order Starclassic Bubinga / Maple drums with Smoked Black Nickel Plated hardware simply add the letters "U".

  • Hold Tight™ Washer (US.PAT.NO.7307204)

    The Hold Tight™ washer is a totally unique invention: a non-loosening washer! Its cup-shaped stainless steel washer contains a rubber ring so the tension rod pushes both the cup washer and the rubber ring. Normally, vibrations will eventually loosen the tension rod. But the softness of Hold Tight's rubber ring keeps it in contact with both the tension rod and the hoop at all times and maintains friction between them so that tension is always preserved.