TAMA Drums

Starclassic Performer B/B snare drums combine the classic tone of thin birch for the outer layer of the shell with new, heavy-duty African bubinga for the inner shell. The use of the thicker, harder bubinga accentuates birch's distinct tone and projection. The combination of the two creates a more powerful, deeply rounded sound like no other!


  • PSS55
    Color:Twilight Blue Burst(TWB)
  • PSS65
    Color:Lacquer Ocean Blue Ripple(LOR)
  • PRS65
    Color:Ice Blue Pearl(IBP)

Premium Laquer Finishes

Model No.SizeHardware finishHoopsLugsStrainer/ButtSnare Wire
PPS1366"x13"ChromeDie-Cast(8 Hole)MSL-SCTMCS70A/MCS70BMS20R13S
PPS555.5"x14"ChromeDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTMCS70A/MCS70BMS20R14S
PPS656.5"x14"ChromeDie-Cast (10 Hole)MSL-SCTMCS70A/MCS70BMS20R14S

Lacquer Finishes

SizeModel No.Hardware finishHoopsLugsStrainer/ButtSnare Wire
PSS1366"x13"ChromeDie-Cast(8 Hole)MSL-SCTMCS70A/MCS70BMS20R13S
PSS555.5"x14"ChromeDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTMCS70A/MCS70BMS20R14S
PSS656.5"x14"ChromeDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTMCS70A/MCS70BMS20R14S

Duracover Wrap

SizeModel No.Hardware finishHoopsLugsStrainer/ButtSnare Wire
PRS1366"x13"ChromeDie-Cast(8 Hole)MSL-SCTMCS70A/MCS70BMS20R13S
PRS555.5"x14"ChromeDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTMCS70A/MCS70BMS20R14S
PRS656.5"x14"ChromeDie-Cast(10 Hole)MSL-SCTMCS70A/MCS70BMS20R14S


Premium Lacquer Finishes

  • GMS
    Gun Metal Classic Stripe
  • CRD
    Coral Red Sparkle
  • BCS
    Black Clouds & Silver Linings
  • BNZ
    Blue Nebula Blaze

Lacquer Finishes

  • LWO
    Lacquered White Oyster
  • LOR
    Lacquer Ocean Blue Ripple
  • TWB
    Twilight Blue Burst
  • MBR
    Molten Brown Burst
  • CNT
    Cherry Natural Burst
  • SIB
    Smoky Indigo Burst

Duracover Wrap Finishes

  • VBL
    Vintage Blue Sparkle
  • IBP
    Ice Blue Pearl
  • VMP
    Vintage Marine Pearl
  • ROY
    Red Oyster
  • CCO
    Charcoal Onyx

For more Features

  • MCS70B Butt

    The MCS70B uses the basic butt assembly of the MUS80B. Large 6mm screws provide improved durability.