TAMA Drums

This model features Kapur material, which has caught many drummers' attention for its open lively sound with great projection. It also offers warm resonance and a very natural, comfortable feel.
Because of its articulate and slightly dry sound with enhanced attack, it works very well for funk, fusion and gospel. The high volume potential also lends itself perfectly to rock music.



  • LKP1465
    6.5"x14"(5mm, 6ply Kapur)
    Color:Black Kapur Burst(KPB)
Model No.SizeHardware finishHoopsLugsStrainer/ButtSnare Wire
LKP14656.5"x14"ChromeSound Arc Hoop (8 Hole)MTL60 Brass Tube LugMLS50A/MLS50BMS20SN14S

For more Features

  • Brass Tube Lug

  • Sound Arc Hoop

  • 6ply/5mm, All Kapur

  • 20 Strand Starclassic Carbon Steel Snare Wire