TAMA Drums

John Tempesta

The pairing of a 42-strand snappy snare with a deep 7" brass shell gives John's model an intense and powerful sound that has an unmatched depth of tone. With black nickel shell hardware complementing the brushed black nickel finish, the JT147 looks as menacing and dangerous as it sounds.



Artist Information

John Tempesta

The Cult

Starclassic Bubinga

  • SHELL COLOR:Piano White (PWH)
  • H/W COLOR:Black Nickel

Drums :

a16"x26" Bass Drum (BB2616)
b7"x14" John Tempesta Signature Snare Drum (JT147)
c10"x13" Tom Tom (BT1310)
d14"x16" Floor Tom (BF1614)
e16"x18" Floor Tom (BF1816)

*Special Size

Hardware :

1Speed Cobra (HP910LSW)
2Iron Cobra Lever Glide Hi-Hat Stand (HH905)
31st Chair Ergo-Rider Drum Throne (HT730)