George "Spanky" McCurdy Test-Drives the Tama Silverstar Hyper-Drive Limited Edition Drum Set

Gospel, R&B and pop drummers like Spanky often praise Tama's Hyper-Drive style shells for their sonic cut, so we decided it was time to Hyper-Drive a Silverstar kit. We asked Spanky to take the first test drive and tell us how they sounded, but he had something else on his mind: "I love the shorter Hyper-Drive shells because they allow me to set my toms up low and flat. For me that translates to better control and flow around the drums. When I realized Hyper-Drive offered that advantage I said 'That's it, I'm never going back!'" But Spanky…what do you want to say to drummers about the sound of this kit? "Tell 'em to check out the video. These Silverstars speak for themselves!"

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