Back in the '70s, Tama was the first major drum company to bring Birch into prominence in the marketplace.

At the time, most other drum companies used a myriad of wood materials,

Tama Superstar Outfit 1978
Superstar 1978

including gum, poplar, mahogany, maple, beech, etc. Few shells were comprised of 100% anything, much less a single wood choice. The vast majority of shells used were a mix and match of the woods listed, sometimes using up to 3 different woods per shell. We launched the 100% birch shell formula with our groundbreaking Superstar line in the late 70s. When these drums hit the market, they were an overnight sensation. They sounded like no other, and artists came to the Tama brand in droves. In the next evolution of drum-building, we chose to use birch for the core and essence of the popular Artstar series.

Sonically speaking, birch delivers a unique sound that you won't get from any other wood.

Tama Artstar 1983
Artstar 1983

If you do a little investigating, you will easily find descriptives like- "solid, punchy, focused, tight, cutting, pre-EQ'd, rich, raw, powerful, full bodied sound," etc. Realizing what birch brings to the musical table, we've continued to promote the use of birch over the years through an expansive range of drum lines, including: Superstar (1970s), Artstar (early 1980s), Granstar, Granstar II, Granstar Custom, Crestar (all 1980's era up to 1990), Starclassic Birch (1994-'96) Starclassic Performer (1999-2007), Starworks (2008), Superstar (3rd generation, 2009-2011). Over the years just about every other brand in the world brought their version of birch to the market. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?" Hmmm…

Tama Grantstar 1983 Granstar 1986

We have an incredible history of working with birch (nearly 40 years) and we know how to do it right! And now the Tama birch legacy continues with the new Silverstar line.