TAMA Drums

The "Cocktail-JAM" Kit™(PAT.PENDING) is a TAMA original, in both appearance and sound. Ideal for hip-hop, jazz, intimate acoustic settings, or tight rehearsal rooms. Completely compact, this kit can easily be set up and played using a throne in much less space than a typical drum set. The "Cocktail-JAM" kit™ and its hardware can be completely packed easily in just two bags, which are included with the kit, making it super portable and easy to transport to any gig.

  • KJ Sawka's Test Drive
  • Cocktail-JAM mashup featuring Fernando Draganici, Navene Koperweis and
Billy Rymer
  • Cocktail JAM w/ Billy Rymer - for internal review
  • The "TAMA Cocktail-Jam Kit" Session
  • TAMA Silverstar Cocktail JAM KIT How to Assemble
  • Silverstar Cocktail JAM Kit

VD46CBN Shell Kit


6"x16" bass drum, 5.5"x14" floor tom, 5"x10" tom tom , 5"x12" snare drum, drum pedal, drum bag, hardware bag.

Available Finishes

Cymbal Mounting Attachment Kit


  • Closed hi-hat attachment
  • Cymbal attachment

*Cymbal mounting attachment kit
is sold separately.