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Snare Drum Accessories

Snare Wires

The snare wire is a key component of a snare drum. TAMA offers the broadest choices of snares available today. Our Hi-Carbon steel wires dramatically enhance a drum’s overall sensitivity.

Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snares

Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snares

In order to provide a more crisp and sensitive sound, we redesigned our Snare Wires using new materials, customizing the shape of the plate, and changing the wire coils’ winding pattern. As a result, the new “Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snare Wire” fits more closely to the snare side head, providing greater sensitivity and brighter, crisper sound.

  • MS20RL14C (14" 20 strands hi-carbon steel)
  • MS20RL13C (13" 20 strands hi-carbon steel)
Starclassic Snare Snappy

Starclassic Snare Wires

Starclassic snares offer several unique, highly useful features. When adding more tension to the wires, the strands press closer to the snare head. We’ve also redesigned the angle of the end plates and added thinner straps to obtain optimum response. The MS20SN14B features bell brass strands for greater sensitivity.

  • MS20SN10S (10" 20 strands Carbon Steel)
  • MS20SN12S (12" 20 strands Carbon Steel)
  • MS20SN13S (13" 20 strands Carbon Steel)
  • MS20SN14S (14" 20 strands Carbon Steel)
  • MS20SN14B (14" 20 strands Bell Brass)
  • MS20SN13C (13" 20 strands Hi-Carbon Steel)
  • MS20SN14C (14" 20 strands Hi-Carbon Steel)
Regular Snare Snappy

Regular Snare Wires

TAMA offers a comprehensive array of regular Snare Wires, including different lengths, and different strand counts. (There’s even a 42-strand snare!)

  • MS12R14S (14" 12 strands Carbon Steel)
  • MS20R14S (14" 20 strands Carbon Steel)
  • MS30R14S (14" 30 strands Carbon Steel)
  • MS42R14S (14" 42 strands Carbon Steel)
  • MS42R14C (14" 42 strands Hi-Carbon Steel)


2.3mm Brass Sound Arc Hoops

2.3mm Brass Sound Arc Hoops

The Sound Arc Brass Hoop was specially developed for STAR Reserve Solid Maple snare drum. This inward curved 2.3mm brass hoop provides milder attack, more sustain and offers sensitivity, precise tuning, and control.

  • MSB148D (14" 8 hole batter side)
  • MSB14S8D (14" 8 hole snare side)
2.3mm Sound Arc Hoops

2.3mm Sound Arc Hoops

The Sound Arc Hoop was specially developed for S.L.P. Snare drums.
This inward curved 2.3mm steel hoop enhances the natural tone of the snare drum, and offers sensitivity, precise tuning, and control.

  • MSH1410 (14" 10 hole batter side)
  • MSH14S10 (14" 10 hole snare side)
2.3mm Brass Mighty Hoops

Die-Cast Hoops

Made of die-cast zinc, TAMA’s die-cast hoops deliver an incredibly sharp, solid rim shot that cannot be found in any other hoop.

  • MDH13-8 (13" 8 hole batter side)
  • MDH13S-8 (13" 8 hole snare side)
  • MDH14-8 (14" 8 hole batter side)
  • MDH14S-8 (14" 8 hole snare side)
  • MDH14-10 (14" 10 hole batter side)
  • MDH14S-10 (14" 10 hole snare side)
2.3mm Brass Mighty Hoops

2.3mm Brass Mighty Hoops

2.3mm brass provides a milder attack and more sustain than steel of the same thickness.

  • MFB14-10N (14" 10 hole batter side)
  • MFB14S-10N (14" 10 hole snare side)
Maple Wood Hoops

Maple Wood Hoops

This 100% maple wood was specially developed for S.L.P. Snare drums. The 22 mm thick hoops provides warm sound and powerfull attack especially rim shot.

  • WMH1408B (14" 8 hole batter side)
  • WMH1408S (14" 8 hole snare side)
2.3mm Steel Mighty Hoops

2.3mm Steel Mighty Hoops

TAMA’s triple flanged 2.3mm steel hoops provide a “wetter" sound than die-cast zinc hoops.

  • MFM14-8 (14" 8 hole batter side)
  • MFM14S-8 (14" 8 hole snare side)
  • MFM14-10 (14" 10 hole batter side)
  • MFM14S-10 (14" 10 hole snare side)



SRW620P Hold Tight™ Washers (20pcs/set)(US.PAT.NO.7307204)

The rubber rings inside of the cup-shaped stainless steel washers absorb impact vibrations and keep the hoop and tension bolts in constant contact to prevent from loosening of tension.


PW620 (20pcs/set)

2.5mm thick nylon washers decrease noise and make tuning easier and more stable.


MW620 (20pcs/set)

Standard metal tension bolt washers.

Snare Cords


MST20 (2pcs/set)

These flexible yet durable 15mm wide nylon snappy straps are featured on all TAMA snare drums except STAR, STARPHONIC, JD146 and PE106M.



SPC50P4 (2prs/pack)

The amazingly durable and flexible snappy snare cord is made of Dupont Kevlar® cable wrapped in polyester fiber for an even higher tensile strength than steel wire. ( Kevlar® is a registered trademark of Dupont® Corporation.)

Drum Keys


TDK10(Chrome), TDK10BN(Black Nickel)

This specially designed drum key offers both fine and fast tuning and is shaped and rounded to perfectly fit your fingers. The knurled knob at the end of the key allows you to quickly spin the TDK10 during initial tension rod tightening for rapid head changes.



Traditional TAMA key