Production since 2009

No. Model.No. Description
1 CSA351 Cymbal Stacker Base Tube
1-1 CSA3511 Cymbal stacker base tube only
1-11 MS615SH Square head bolt (M6x15mm)
1-12 CNR90-5 Pressure pad
1-2 CSA30-13 Cymbal bottom seat
1-3 7081P Felt washer (2pcs/pack)
1-4 CSA30-12 Metal washer w/square head bolt
2 MC5 Compact clamp
2-1 EBA8WN8T Bolt, springs, washer & nut assembly
2-11 WN8P Wing nut (M8, 2pcs/pack)
2-2 EHZN2 Boom tilter casting
2-3 EBA8WN8W Bolt, spring, washer & nut assembly
3 MCB15EN Cymbal Boom Arm
3-1 CT44Q Cymbal tilter assembly
3-11 CT44-11N Cymbal tilter only
3-12 RB8P Cymbal bottom (2pcs/pack)
3-14 QC8 Quick-set cymbal mate
3-2 B840 Bolt (M8x40mm)
3-3 WN8WTW T-nut (M8), washer, belleville washer assembly
3-4 CT44-FPC Friction plates (Chrome), plate and bolt assembly
3-5 CT44-FPB Friction plates (black), plate and bolt assembly