Production since Jan. 2007
No. Model No. Description
1 HP9F Frame assembly (left foot)
1-1 HP9F1 Frame base only
1-2 HP9-12 Rubber plate
1-3 HP9F3 Metal bearing cover (left/right set)
1-4 B512P Screw (M5x12mm, 2pcs/set)
2 HP9W2N Shaft assembly (left foot)
3 HP9-3 Para clamp II assembly
3-1 HP9-31 Clamp casting
3-2 HP9-32 Bolt (M8x45mm), spring, washer, spacer & nut assembly
3-3 WS820 T-bolt (M8x20mm)
4 HP94N Vari-Pitch beater holder complete
4-1 HP9-41 Vari-Pitch beater holder center casting w/screws
4-11 S68 Screw (M6x8mm)
4-2 HP94N2 Vari-Pitch beater holder outer casting w/screws
4-21 NBB Nylon bush
4-22 S816SHN Square head bolt (M8x16mm) w/nut
4-23 L630 Screw (M6x30mm)
4-24 HP94N24 Beater holder weight only (Silver)
5P HP95PN Power Glide Cam (for HP900P) & chain assembly
5P-1 HP95PN1 Power Glide Cam only w/screw
5P-11 FP-C Felt pad for chain pedal
5P-12 S68 Screw (M6x8mm)
5P-2 MS612SH Square head bolt (M6x12mm)
5P-3 HP9-53 Chain assembly w/screw
5P-31 MS615SH Square head bolt (M6x15mm)
5P-4 HP9-54 Pressure plate
6* HP9S Speedo-Ring w/ Quick Hook
6-1 L610 Screw (M6x10mm)
6-2 HP9-71 Quick Hook only
7 HP9-7N Spring assembly w/o Quick Hook
7-1 HP900-7R Spring only (Regular)
7-2 HP900-77 Spring Tight assembly
8 HP9-8 Footboard assembly
8-1 HP900-81 Toe stopper w/screw
8-2 HP9-82 Footboard only
9** HP99N Stabilizing plate complete (left foot)
9-1 HP99N1 Stabilizing plate only
9-2 HP99N2 Rubber plate for Iron Cobra pedal
9-3 HP99N3 Rubber plate for Iron Cobra pedal
9-4 S512 Screw (M5x12mm)
9-5 S516 Screw (M5x16mm)
9-6 L835 Screw (M8x35mm)
9W HP99L Stabilizing plate complete (right foot)
10 CB90F Iron Cobra beater (felt)
10-1 CB90-1 Shaft only
10-2 CB90FH Beater head (felt)
10-21 CB90-2 Bolt (M6x12mm), washer & metal hook assembly
10-3 BC7 Beater balance adjuster
10-31 S58 Screw (M5x8mm)
11 HP9FR Frame only w/screw (right foot)
12 HP9W2L Shaft assembly (right foot)
13 ACP90 Anchor plate assembly
13-1 ACP90-1 Bolt (M8x35mm), spacer & nut assembly
13-2 7114SP Screw anchor w/spring
14 CNR90N Connecting rod complete
14-1 CNR90N1 Connecting tubing assembly
14-11 CNR90N11 Pressure pad set
14-12 MS69SHP Square head bolt (M6x9mm), 2pcs/set
14-2 CNR90N2 Inner rod assembly w/screws
14-21 CNR90-4 Bolt stopper
15 DH7 Drum Hammer
16 HH5 Hammer Holder
17 TLK5 Tight Lock
18 AMC2 Angle memory cap

*HP9S (6) cannot be attached to previous model.
**HP99N (9) & HP99L (9W) cannot be attached to previous model (fig. A).

  Previous model
Production -2004/1 Production 2004/2 - 2006/12
Appearance fig. A
fig. B
Stabilizing plate w/ Turned edge on both sides of stabilizing plate w/ Rib on stabilizing plate
To attach HP99N