Production from Nov. 2005


No. Model No. Description
1 HS70WN1 Base assembly
1-1 TS816P T-bolt (M8x16mm,2pcs/pack)
1-2 RF-WP3 Rubber tip (3pcs/pack)
1-3 HB850WN8L Bolt (M8x50mm),L-plate, & nut assembly
1-4 NB2822 Nylon bushing (28.6mm-22.2mm)
1-5 INS22 Insert bushing (28.6mm-22.2mm)
2 HS70WN21 Center tube assembly
2-1 WN8WTW Wing nut, washer & thin washer assembly
2-2 B840 Bolt (M8x40mm)
2-3 CT44-FPB Friction plates (Black), plate and bolt assembly
2-4 CT44-FPC Friction plates (Chrome), plate and bolt assembly
3 Basket AssemblyII(Please see chart)
L (mm) Model No.
158mm HS70WN22
115mm HS70PWN3
3-1 HS70W-23 Arm adjust nut & metal washer
3-2 S812SH Screw (M8x12mm)
3-3 IN8 Insert nut
3-4 HS70W-26 Screw, spring washer, & washer assembly
3-5 RG-EC3 Rubber gripper, "ESCAPE CLAW" (3pcs/pack)