Production since Jul. 2004

No. Model No. Description
1 HT440-1 Throne base
1-1 TS816P T-bolt (M8x16mm,2pcs/pack)
1-2 RF-FL RF-FL Rubber tip "Foot Life" (1pc)
1-3 PB286FC4 Nylon bushing (28.6mm-22.2mm)
1-4 HB850WN8L Bolt (M8x50mm),L-plate, & nut assembly
2 HT440-2 Upper threaded rod w/round nut
2-1 HT440-21 Threaded rod
2-2 HT510-22 Round nut "Hite-lok"
2-3 HT510-23 Plastic piece "Rocklok"
2-4 HS70W-26 Screw, spring washer, & washer assembly
3 HTS7 Seat & casting assembly "ERGO RIDER"
3-1 HTS5-1 Casting complete "Sit-Tight"
3-11 HB855HN8T Bolt, spring, washer & hex-nut assembly
3-12 HB855WN8T Bolt, spring, washer & wing nut assembly
3-13 S1434 Mounting screw (W1/4"x3/4"L)
3-2 SSL22S Swivel sleeve
4 HTB5 Back rest assembly
4-1 HTB5-1N Base assembly
4-11 WN8P Wing nut (M8)
4-12 HTB5-12 Metal back plate
4-13 HTB5-13 Spring
4-14 HTB5-14 Angle Adjust Bolt
4-15 HTB5-15 Lock nut
4-2 HTB5-2 Back rest pad
4-3 HTB5-3N Under Plate
4-4 S1444 Mounting screw (w1/4"x1"L)

The Changes from previous model are:
HTB5 backrest assembly(5, 5-1, 5-14, 5-15 & 5-3).
You can fit this new model to all 1st Chairs even old model.
The length of Sit-Tight's bolt (3-11 & 3-12.
Because the Sit-Tight's shape was changed slightly.
But fixing screw hole intervals have not been changed).
S1434 (2pc) which are Back rest side are attached with HTS7 only when you order HTS7 separately.