Production since Jul. 2004


No. Model No. Description
1 HTB5-1N Base assembly
1-1 WN8P Wing nut (M8)
1-2 HTB5-12 Metal back plate
1-3 HTB5-13 Spring
1-4 HTB5-14 Angle Adjust Bolt
1-5 HTB5-15 Lock nut
2 HTB5-2 Back rest pad
3 HTB5-3N Under plate
4 S1444 Mounting screw (W1/4"x1"L)

The Changes from previous model are:
New backrest was improved to be foldable, so some parts have been changed(1-1, 1-4, 1-5 & 3).
But you can fit this new model to all 1st Chairs even old model.