24.01.2019STAR BUBINGA EXOTIX featuring Scandinavian Birch outer ply -Limited Product-

STAR Bubinga Exotix featuring Scandinavian Birch outer ply delivers exquisite beauty on unparalleled character. Bubinga wood creates a rich, full low end; as well as a deep, dark tone with great projection assisted by the 9mm Sound Focus Ring. The combination of a thinner 4.5mm shell construction and a Super Resonant Mounting System Quick-Lock Bracket maximizes the natural resonance of the drums.

[Kit Configuration]
Model No.: TB52CZSS
14"x22" Bass Drum x1
7"x10" Tom Tom x1
8"x12" Tom Tom x1
14"x14" Floor Tom x1
16"x16" Floor Tom x1

[Snare Drum]
TBS1465S 6.5"x14"

Blue Viking (SBVK)


4.5mm, 1 inner ply Cordia + 4ply Bubinga + 1 outer ply Scandinavian Birch
w/ 9mm Sound Focus Rings

Super Resonant Mounting System

Matching 6.5”x14” snare drum sold separately.