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Stewart Copeland Signature Snare Drum 40th Anniversary Limited Model

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2021 marks Stewart Copeland’s 40th Anniversary with TAMA Drums. But amazingly, Stewart’s affinity for TAMA began several years before, in 1975. While living in London and writing drum reviews for a local magazine, Stewart was tasked with TAMA’s newly released Imperialstar drum kit. A fledgling drum company at the time, TAMA’s exploding sound and innovation instantly captured Stewart’s heart. Finally, drums made for the Rock drummer that were meant to be hit hard. He had to have a set, and history simply wrote itself.
In 2001, when releasing our first signature series snare drum, we aimed to recreate the core of Stewart’s sound. Honoring one of the most recognized drum sounds in popular music, the SC145 was born, quickly becoming a must-have for top recording studios around the world. The drum’s clarity is its most unique feature, cutting through the din from the rest of the band – a sound that has continued to intrigue and fascinate the music world since its inception.
And now, twenty years later, we celebrate our longtime relationship with the 40th Anniversary Stewart Copeland Limited Edition Signature Snare Drum. With only 200pcs available worldwide, the rare and valuable antiqued brass shell maintains that famous sound, all the while paying homage to Stewart’s roots. A beautiful and lively drum that is worthy of our long and storied history together.

-Model No.: SC145A40
-Size: 14" x5”
-Shell: 1.5mm Brass Shell in Antiqued Finish
-Lug: MSL35
-Hoop: Die-Cast Hoop (10 hole, Batter side) / Steel Mighty Hoop (10 hole, Snare side)
-Head: REMO® Coated Ambassador / Snare Side
-Strainer/Butt: MLS50A / MLS50B
-Snare Wire: 20 strands Starclassic Carbon Steel Snare Wires (MS20SN14S)

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1.5mm Brass Shell

In 2001, when the time came to reproduce Stewart’s famous sound, a mystery drum of unknown origin acted as the blueprint. Though thinner metal shells were standard at the time, Stewart’s original signature snare was molded to 1.5mm, beautifully achieving the crack and cut he was looking for. Keeping the same specifications for this limited 40th Anniversary model, the antiqued brass finish perfectly reflects Stewart’s complexity as a musician and artist.

Signature Badge

Signature Badge

This 40th Anniversary model features two distinct badges. In keeping with the original signature model design, one badge features Egyptian style hieroglyphics that honor Stewart's roots and his empathy with pharaohs smiting. The second, an exclusive, newly designed badge adorned with Stewart's autograph and 40th Anniversary detailing.

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Die-Cast Hoop & Triple-Flange Steel Mighty Hoop

The combination of a die-cast hoop on the top batter side and a triple-flange hoop on bottom resonant side characterizes Stewart Copeland's sound. Switching to a die-cast hoop on top simply to withstand his powerful rim shots, his trademark sound was unexpectedly born. This unique combination provides a sharp, yet open sound that cuts through the rest of the band.

Strainer Image

“Linear-Drive” Strainer (US. PAT.NO.8017846)

The "Linear-Drive" strainer is designed for greater control of the lever adjustment arm and more precise control of the strainer's deployment motion. The strainer movement works in a true linear motion. Even if the strainer is engaged rapidly, you will not hear the typical "slap" of the snare wires hitting the bottom drumhead.

To prevent the snare wires from loosening, this strainer also has a ratchet system on its tension adjustment mechanism. Single click adjustments offer a vertical pull of 0.083mm in wire motion, which allows for ultra-sensitive micro adjustments.

Starclassic Carbon Steel Snare Wires

20 strands Starclassic Carbon Steel Snare Wires

Starclassic snare wire offers several unique, highly useful features. When adding more tension to the wires, the strands press closer to the snare head. We've also redesigned the angle of the end plates and added thinner straps to obtain optimum response.

REMO® Head Image

REMO® Coated Ambassador / Snare Side Head