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S.L.P. 14"x4.5" G-Hickory Snare Drum w/ Elm Outer Ply -Limited Product-

This Limited Edition 14"x4.5" G-Hickory snare drum features an 11mm, 12-ply Hickory shell, with a beautiful Elm outer-ply. Usually reserved for drumsticks, Hickory provides a bright and crisp tone.
The thick shell paired with a shorter than usual 4.5" depth results in a powerful, yet sensitive snare drum. The die-cast hoop offers punchy attack alongside the crisp buzz from carbon steel snare wires.This combination achieves an excellent balance between volume and sensitivity.
While versatile like a maple shell, Hickory's dry characteristics make it an ideal auxiliary snare drum, while its wide tuning range makes it suitable for any genre.

[Model No.]

Shell: 11mm / 10ply Hickory + 2 outer ply Elm
Size: 14"x4.5"
Lug: Piccolo Lug (MSL-SCP)
Hoop: Die-Cast Hoop (10 hole)
Strainer/Butt: MCS70A / MCS70B
Snare Wire: MS20SN14S
Color: Gloss Natural Elm (GNE)

Elm Outer Ply Image

Elm Outer Ply

Hickory Shell Image

11mm / 10ply Hickory + 2 outer ply Elm

Hoop Image

Die-Cast Hoop (10 hole)

Snare Wire Image

20 strands Starclassic Carbon Steel Snare Wires