Do you remember the first time you played the drums?

Since ancient times, humans have sensed the world around them both visually through light and through the auditory experience of sounds created by vibration. Through these sensations, we look to understand the world around us. The human urge to create music was also born out of the desire to actively engage with the environment, and the act of simply “beating something”, along with raising the voice to sing, was one of man’s earliest tools to achieve this.

Now think back to when you first played the drums. You probably remember the sheer volume and presence that drums create – something unlike any other instrument. Most of all, you remember how good it felt to move the air around you. That exhilaration is the thrill of connecting with the world through your own power and expressing the urge that has been rooted in man’s DNA for thousands upon thousands of years. This feeling is what started you on your path of making music, and there’s no mystery why you’re still enthralled by what you can achieve through producing sound. It’s simply an integral part of being human.

Yet while this desire and ability is firmly rooted in your being, the more time you spend dedicated to refining your music, something becomes more and more elusive. That is the unique feeling you had when you first touched the drums – the feeling that pulled you on your path of making music. After spending hours and hours practicing and performing, and accumulating an abundance of skills, knowledge, and experience, all of these complex elements become intertwined into your very being and it becomes harder to reach that pure feeling of simply being moved by making music.

This is the very reason we at Tama have created our new STAR drums. We have answered the desire of master drummers who have spent long hours developing their skills to be able to once again experience the visceral thrill they felt when they first played, and to feel the instinctual urge and excitement rooted in their DNA.

The response of STAR drums reflects even the smallest nuances in touch, for a difference that drummers can actually feel and that allows for the expression of the music hidden deep within their subconscious. The separation achieved by minimizing sound interference between each drum as much as possible provides immediate and accurate expression with any style or feel, and the most complex phrases come out sounding fluid and musical. The feel of STAR drums is enhanced by superior design that converts energy produced by sticking to sound with minimum loss, while at the same time the reactive force felt in the hands when a drum is struck is minimized. This produces a characteristic soft feel with sticks as if they are directly touching the high-density air that circulates within the shells as they are compressed with each hit. All of this comes together in the harmonious sound of STAR drums so that even the most refined players can recapture “that feel” from when they first played and feel a renewed joy and passion in making music.


When you grab a hold of our STAR drums, simply let your instinct take over. Feel the pure thrill of playing. When you’ve thrown away all your inhibitions and just play, you can create a sound that is uniquely yours and set free the music that lies within you. That is the power of STAR drums.