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  • HH75W Roadpro Hi-Hat Stand
  • HH75W parts diagram
  • No. Model No. Description
    1 HH75W-1 Base assembly
    1-1 TS816P T-bolt (M8x16mm, 2pcs/pack)
    1-2 RF-WP3 Rubber tip (3pcs/pack)
    1-3 HB850WN8L Bolt (M8x50mm) ,L-plate, & nut assembly
    1-4 NB2825 Nylon bushing (28.6mm-25.4mm)
    1-5 7114SP Screw anchor w/spring
    1-6 S812SH Square head bolt (M8x12mm)
    2 HH75W-2 Footboard assembly
    2-1 HS35-21 Radius rod only
    2-2 HP20-83 Rod cover w/screws
    2-3 HH75W-23 Chain assembly w/screw,nuts, & rubber stopper
    2-31 HH75W231 Chain assembly
    3 HH75W-3 Height adjustment assembly
    4 HH75W-4 Lower pull rod & spring assembly
    5 HH905-3 Upper pull rod w/hex nut (M6)
    5-1 HH905-31 Plastic nut
    6 HH75W-5 Upper tube assembly w/key lock
    6-1 ML254N Key lock (25.4mm)
    6-11 MS625SHNW Square head bolt (M6x25mm) w/nut
    7 CL08* Hi-hat clutch
    7-1 TS610 T-bolt (M6x10mm)
    7-2 CL08-12 Lock nut
    7-3 CL08-13P Felt washer (2pcs/pack)
    7-4 CL08-14 Non-loose metal nut

    * CL08 does not fit HH15-3(Rod for HH25W and HH15R).