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  • MS205 Boom Microphone Stand
  • MS205 parts diagram
  • No. Model No. Description
    1 MS205-1 Leg
    1-1 JBMS2 Nylon bushing w/bolt & nut
    1-2 205-RF Rubber tip
    2 BSMS2 Base Assembly
    2-1 205-NB1 Nylon bushing for base
    2-2 IN8 Insert nut (M8)
    2-3 205-TB T-bolt (M8x14mm)
    3 MS205-2 Lower pipe
    4 205-PR1 Plastic collar
    5 205-GP Grip only
    6 205-BB Rubber spacer
    7 MS205-3 Upper pipe
    7-1 205-PRB Plastic ring
    7-2 205-PRA Plastic ring
    8 205-RW Rubber washer (2pcs/set)
    9 205-BP Boom plate
    10 205-HDS Torque nut & bolt
    11 205-BH Boom holder set
    11-1 205-NB2 Nylon bushing for boom holder
    11-2 IN6 Insert nut (M6)
    11-3 205-NN Round screw
    12 MS205B-1 Boom pipe only
    13 205-LN Lock nut
    14 AD58E Adapter