• CRTNT StarLight Tenor Carrier

Production since Aug. 2015

  • No. Model No. Description
    1 CSATNHR Tenor carrier J-bar  (pair of R&L)
    2 CRBPT Belly plate
    2-1 CRBPD Belly pad (pair of R&L)
    3 CSARHN Rod holder w/mounting screw & washers (1pc)
    3-1 SHB620P Square head bolt (M6x20mm, 2pcs/set)
    4 CRCP Chest Plate
    5 CRSA Shoulder plate assembly (Pair of R&L) w/Bolt, washer & nut
    5-1 CRSPD Shoulder pad (pair of R&L)
    5-2 B820WN Bolt(M8x20mm), washer & nut
    6 NP Nut plate for carrier