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Popular amongst vintage drum lovers, the Mastercraft Steel snare drum features a classic chrome finish and center groove design for a distinct and understated look. This 50th Anniversary Reissue model features a 1.2mm steel shell and die-cast hoops producing a clean, bright attack with clear and crisp resonance. Complete with full-surface snare wires for enhanced articulation, the TAMA 50th Limited Mastercraft Steel Reissue snare drum perfectly delivers the sound of the 80s.

Model No.: 8056
Shell: 1.2mm Steel
Size: 14"x6.5"
Lug: Original Superstar Lug (6371N)
Hoop: Die-Cast Hoop (10 hole)
Strainer/Butt: Roller Action (6302N/6303N/6338N)
Snare Wire: 18-strand Carbon Steel Long Snare Wires (6035N)
Inside Muffler: One-Touch Tone Control (6552N)
Head: REMO® Ambassador Coated TAMA 50th Anniversary version

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1.2mm Steel Shell

The TAMA 50th Limited Mastercraft Steel Reissue snare drum features a 1.2mm steel shell, die-cast hoops, and a distinct 8-line center groove design for a uniquely vintage look. Producing a clear, bright, and crisp attack, the TAMA 50th Limited Mastercraft Steel Reissue snare drum comes complete with full-surface snare wires for enhanced articulation, perfectly delivering the sound & look of the 80s.

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Die-Cast Hoops (10 hole)

To achieve clear attack, clarity, and consistent tuning, the Mastercraft snare drum models in the early 1980s featured 10-hole Die-Cast Hoops, uncommon for the time. In addition, these special 50th Anniversary models include a reproduction of the original snare side hoop with larger snare wire window.

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18-strand Carbon Steel Long Snare Wires (6035N)

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Roller Action Strainer

Designed as a full-contact snare wire system, TAMA's innovative Roller Action Strainer offers extremely detailed control over snare buzz tone & sensitivity. Past parallel action strainers required an internal rod to operate the strainer & butt at the same time, but TAMA's new streamlined design eliminated the need for an internal rod by utilizing a single on/off lever & dual guide rollers for easy, simple, and versatile adjustment. The guide rollers gently rotate to achieve a smooth feel for consistent & reliable operation.
This unique & popular system has been faithfully reproduced for this 50th Anniversary Reissue model.

Tone Control Image

One-Touch Tone Control

Originally made for Mastercraft snare drums, TAMA's One-Touch tone control was instantly praised for its innovative design. During a time when recording technology was in its infancy, acoustic sound & overtone control had to be done at the source. Though mutes were commonly found on many snare drums at the time, TAMA's simple and effective mechanism allowed for extremely subtle muffling adjustments and quick action within a single One-Touch on/off switch - a revolutionary advancement in design and function. Proving extremely useful even for drummers in the modern world, the One-Touch Tone Control is a timeless and elegant design.

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Every detail of the Mastercraft Snare Drum Reissue was considered, even down to the stock drumheads. The batter side is fitted with a REMO® Coated Ambassador and the bottom side a REMO Ambassador Snare Side.