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Brann Dailor Limited Edition Signature Snare Drum

Brann Dailor

Brann Dailor. TAMA Drums. Now introducing, the Brann Dailor Signature Snare Drum. He calls it “Brann’s Bronze”. It’s based on our Starphonic series and is a 14x6.5” 1.2mm (you guessed it) Bronze shell paired with the Grooved Straight Hoop for added attack. 30-strand Carbon Steel snare wires give Brann the sensitivity & response he needs. With a finish inspired by ancient statues of the Bronze Age and a “vintage” style badge paying homage to TAMA’s former years, Brann’s signature model perfectly blends sound & style.

*Limited Edition – 100pcs worldwide

Model No.: BD1465
Shell: 1.2mm Bronze Shell
Size: 14"x6.5"
Lug: Freedom Lug (8 Tension)
Hoop: Grooved Straight Hoop
Strainer/Butt: “Linear-Drive” Strainer & Butt (MLS50A / MLS50B)
Snare Wire: 30-strand Carbon Steel Snare Wires (MS30R14S)


1.2mm Bronze Shell in Patina Finish


Grooved Straight Hoop (US.PAT.NO.7825318)

Combines the tuning stability of a multi-flange hoop with the openness of a single-flange hoop. It also allows the player to have full access to the head’s playing surface.


“Linear-Drive” Strainer (US. PAT.NO.8017846)

The "Linear-Drive" strainer is designed for greater control of the lever adjustment arm and more precise control of the strainer's deployment motion. The strainer movement works in a true linear motion. Even if the strainer is engaged rapidly, you will not hear the typical "slap" of the snare wires hitting the bottom drumhead.
To prevent the snare wires from loosening, this strainer also has a ratchet system on its tension adjustment mechanism. Single click adjustments offer a vertical pull of 0.083mm in wire motion, which allows for ultra-sensitive micro adjustments.

Snare Wire

30-strand Carbon Steel Snare Wires (MS30R14S)

This 30-strand steel snare wire provides a moderate volume and a bright sound.