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TAMA Marching and Concert Percussion


Superstar Classic Exotix Limited Edition Satin Walnut Lacebark Pine

The latest entry to the Superstar Classic Exotix series is a limited 7pc kit finished in Satin Walnut Lacebark Pine. The new color imparts a natural look while still preserving the signature exotic vibe. The kit combines classic elements with modern features for an emphasis on adaptability and performance.

[Kit Configuration]
Model No.: CL72SP_TWP
18"x22" Bass Drum x1
7"x8" Tom Tom x1
8"x10" Tom Tom x1
9"x12" Tom Tom x1
12"x14" Floor Tom x1
14"x16" Floor Tom x1
MTH600 Double Tom Holder x1
MC69 Single Tom Attachment x1

Satin Walnut Lacebark Pine (TWP)

Satin Walnut Lacebark Pine

Satin Walnut Lacebark Pine Finish