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TAMA Marching and Concert Percussion


Limited Edition STAR Mahogany Kit with Quilted Sapele outer ply

Tama's exalted STAR Drums take another step into the future with their specifically engineered and meticulously hand-crafted Mahogany wood shells. Mahogany wood owns a deeply rooted in the history of drum building, and Tama's innovative STAR design sets it on a new path. The thin 6mm/7ply all-Mahogany shells exude classic rich and warmth tones and are fitted with hand-cut sound focus rings, which enhance rich, full clarity and projection. Adorned with an outer ply of Quilted Natural Waterfall Sapele, this kits reflects a beauty that matches its rich and complex tone. The drum’s resonance is further enhanced by the STAR Drum’s Super Resonant Mounting System, allowing the full tonal range of the Mahogany shells to be realized. These features work together to create a refined, highly musical sound that is instantly realized at all dynamic levels. This Tama STAR Mahogany kit is limited to no more than 10 drum sets in the USA for 2020 production.

[Kit Configuration]
Model No.: TH52CZSS
16"x22" Bass Drum x1
7"x10" Tom Tom x1
8"x12" Tom Tom x1
14"x14" Floor Tom x1
16"x16" Floor Tom x1

[Add-on Snare Drum]
THS1465S 6.5"x14"

Natural Waterfall Sapele (NWS)

Mahogany Shells


6mm, 6ply African mahogany shell with Quilted Sapele outer ply
with Sound Focus ring (6mm, 6ply African Mahogany)

Super Resonant Mounting System

Super Resonant Mounting System

Snare Image

Matching 6.5”x14” snare drum sold separately.

Natural Waterfall Sapele (NWS)