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TAMA Marching and Concert Percussion


Limited Edition STAR Reserve Solid Japanese Sendan Snare Drum

This snare drum is made of Sendan which is a species of deciduous tree in the mahogany family, grown in Asia, and commonly used for temple blocks, rosaries, and furniture in Japan. Tama hand-crafts the Sendan shell into a single, solid ply, then hand-applies their Sound Focus Rings (reinforcement hoops). This give the shell structural integrity, and promotes a thick, full-bodied tonality at wide range of tunings. The newly developed 3.0mm Ultimate Steel Mighty hoops with 10 lugs, enhance the rich, full body tone with sharp and crisp cut.

-Model No.: TLSD1465S-OJS
-Shell: 7mm solid Japanese Sendan shell with 7mm solid Japanese Sendan Sound Focus Ring
-Size: 6.5”x14”
-Finish: Oiled Japanese Sendan (OJS) finish
-Hoop: 3.0mm Ultimate Steel Mighty Hoop (10 hole)
-Snare Wire: Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snare Wire (MS20RL14C)

Solid Japanese “Sendan” shell

Solid Japanese “Sendan” shell

Sendan is a species of deciduous tree in the mahogany family, grown in Asia. It is used for temple block, rosary, and furniture in Japan.
This snare drum delivers rich body with sharp and crisp cut thanks to the combination of unique Sendan shell with the 3.0mm newly developed Ultimate Steel Mighty hoops with 10 lugs.

Mod Gold Duco (MLD) Finish

3.0mm Ultimate Steel Mighty Hoop

At 3.0mm thick, The Ultimate Steel Mighty hoop offers an open and warm sound.
While maintaining the rounded attack of a standard triple flange hoop, the extreme thickness produces extra power, volume and resonance.

Super Sensitive Hi-carbon Snare Wire

By customizing the shape of the plate and the wire coil's winding pattern, this snare wire is fitting closer to the snare side head, providing greater sensitivity and a brighter, crisper sound.