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TAMA Marching and Concert Percussion


Based on our popular 14” design, the new Limited Edition 16” S.L.P. Duo Birch snare drum takes this innovative concept and carries it forward to explore new tones and timbres. The shell itself is comprised of a 7mm thick, 7ply Birch shell, providing a clear, powerful, and focused tone. As the name suggests, a Duo snare is fully capable of performing double duty as a floor tom (legs included) or as secondary snare drum. The 16” diameter affords a wider and more dramatic sound, and the 10” depth affords all sorts of unique tuning possibilities, especially with the snare wires engaged. The drum also comes standard with the EMAD™ head from Evans®. This head comes with two different size foam inserts, allowing the player to easily control overtones by applying just the right amount of muffling for a strong and articulate sound.

• 7mm, 7ply Birch Shell
• 10" x 16"
• 1.6mm Sound Arc Hoop (8 Hole)
• Evans® EMAD™ Head
• 16" 20 strands Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Steel Snare Wire (MS20RL16C
• Natural Mocha Burst (NTM) Finish

Birch Shell

Shell Material and Construction

The 7mm, 7ply Birch shell afford a focused tone, tone clear note definition, and solid projection. The 16” diameter also supplies additional depth and complexity to the sound of this particular Duo snare.

EVANS® EMAD™ Snare Head

Evans® EMAD™ Head

This popular design from Evans® comes equipped two foam inserts and can be swapped out to control the amount of overtones in the sound of the drum. It offers next level control over your tone and does so without the need for tape or gels on the head.

Sound Arc Hoops

Sound Arc Hoops

The drum features 1.6mm, 8-hole Sound Arc Hoops. The top rim of the hoop actually curves inward, enhancing the natural tone of the drum and offers sensitive precise tuning control.

Super Sensitive Hi-carbon Snare Wire

Super Sensitive Hi-carbon Snare Wire

The 16" 20 strands Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Steel snare wire offers a quick responsive sound with a sharp attack and clear definition.