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TAMA Marching and Concert Percussion

STARPHONIC Aluminum Concert Snares

Introducing TAMA’s New Aluminum Concert Snares
This new iteration of our Starphonic Bravura concert snare utilizes a 3mm-thick aluminum shell affording full-bodied tone and thunderous punch. The innovative Grooved Straight Hoops contribute to a focused yet unrestrained resonance. The snare also carries over the Multi Snare frame from the original Bravura which allows for precision tuning of the three different types of snare wired for a totally custom and uniquely tailored sound.

The aluminum version of the Starphonic Concert snare delivers the same punch, resonance and power of the Bravura, but comes with a simpler snare wire setup. The fine adjuster on this snare allows for precision tuning of the center 6 nickel-wound guitar strings. The design definitely gives the Starphonic Concert Snare a “signature sound,” but the fine tuner allows the player to mold that sound into a voicing that works best for their applications.



14"x6" STARPHONIC Bravura Aluminum Concert Snare Drum



14"x6" STARPHONIC Aluminum Concert Snare Drum